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Video: The Economy

My husband Sean and I made this video short for a contest by online publication Mythic Picnic on Twitter. They are an experimental, creative, and fun group of people, and they put out some great content. Their contests welcome not only writing, but also multimedia submissions: everything from photography to comics to video.  

I’m proud to say our video won the grand prize!

The video concept came from a discussion Sean and I had about the Republicans’ eagerness to reopen the economy in the middle of one of the biggest pandemics the US has faced since 1918. I made a joke that their spiel reminded me of one of those super-enthusiastic, manipulative drug company commercials, and Sean laughed and said “Write it up we’ll make a video!” So I did.

I wrote the 30-second script and asked my friend Gabra to record the VoiceOver. She’s a professional VO artist and I had to admit I heard the words in her voice while I was writing. Sean posted an open call on Twitter and Facebook for actors who might be interested in performing. Sean then edited everything together, created graphics, added music, and all the rest of that magical film stuff he does: and that was that!

This whole project honestly came together like a dream. It was such a good experience. For any writer and creative, I can’t recommend Mythic Picnic highly enough. They’re great to work with, and you should give them a follow on Twitter!

Thanks to everyone who shared their talents: Lauren Shaw, Kitty Ostapowicz-D’Ambrose, Amy Chace, Lisa A. Stockton-Wilson, Carolyn Notline Maher, Stacy Mize, Sarah Cuccio – Schoofs, Kristina Erikson, Brett Vanderbrook, Levi Wilson, M. Elizabeth Lee, Joe Brodsky, Allison Brooks, Raina Fraley, and all the roommates, family, and friends who helped with filming, snacks and love.