Poems from the past: Leopard

If I had a leopard
I’d take him for walks
In the park.

And no one would pester
Or bother or bug me
After dark.

And I would be happy
As free as could be;
I’d be proud.

For I would have no one,
Not no one to fear …
Except my leopard.

— Jessica Mannion, appx. 1990

2 thoughts on “Poems from the past: Leopard”

  1. You could totally set that to “If I had a hammer” ! It would go platinum:

    If I had a leopard,
    I’d walk him in the morning, I’d walk him in the evening
    All over the park.

    And no one would pester!
    No one would bother! Or bug or irritate me
    Aaafter dark

    You get the idea.

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